Leapfrogtown spawned, somewhat unexpectedly, in London in the spring of 2013.

The project is the brainchild of musician, actor and artist Christopher Guard and musician/producer Stuart Walton.
Influenced by everything including Eels, Lennon, Foo Fighters and Alison Moyet. Leapfrogtown take an eclectic approach to production, letting the sounds serve the songs and the band serve the sounds.

Leapfrogtown’s sound is diverse but distinctive, taking in elements of art rock, post-punk, guitar pop, blues and electronica.

In 2016 LFT were joined by Florin C Pascu, Kos Mylon and Andrada Maria Brisc to complete the live line-up.

More at:

Kosmas Mylon Youtube Channel

Here’s a selection of tracks from the album “Dreaming in Public”, follow up EPs and Remixes.

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