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Leapfrogtown spawned, somewhat unexpectedly, in London in the spring of 2013.

The project is the brainchild of musician, actor and artist Chris Guard and musician/producer Stuart Walton.
Influenced by everything from Roxy Music and Bowie to Talking Heads and Foo Fighters, Leapfrogtown take an eclectic approach to production, letting the sounds serve the songs and the band serve the sounds.

Leapfrogtown’s sound is diverse but distinctive, taking in elements of art rock, post-punk, guitar pop and electronica. Says Guard, “It is an honest experiment!”

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Coming Up

LFT have collaborated once again with talented visual manipulator, Roger Spy, on a new video for a revamped version of the album title track “Dreaming in Public”. It will be out soon and features a couple of unlikely celebrity cameos….

LFT spent the summer of 2015 recording, mixing and mastering their debut album entirely at Chris’s home in London. It will be released on January 25th 2016 through Indie label Coffee Jingle Records
Describing ‘Dreaming in Public’, Stu said: “it’s an eclectic mix of tunes carefully sequenced into a satisfying whole, track order is part of the experience. Vinyl is calling!”

there’s a selection of tracks and a youtube preview link a bit further down.

The band have recruited a rhythm section and are now preparing for some live dates in 2016.





Lead singer and songwriter Chris Guard is a familiar face to the British public, having appeared in countless TV shows and movies.
He made his acting debut at the age of 12 in a hit BBC adaptation of David Copperfield and his extensive TV and movie credits include Doctor Who, Return to Treasure Island and The Lord of the Rings. Chris’s life-long passion for music and art have now taken centre-stage and he describes Leapfrogtown as “unfinished business”.

Stuart was a founder member of cult 80s synth band, Indians in Moscow, who managed to get 3 singles in the independant charts, release an album, do a UK tour and get on the telly before imploding.

He then embarked on a parallel career as a theatre lighting designer alongside performing, recording and Producing





Here’s a selection of tracks from the album “Dreaming in Public”, follow up EPs and Remixes


Leapfrogtown are renowned for their visually ambitious and quirky music videos.
Behind the camera is multimedia artist Roger Spy, who has collaborated several times with Leapfrogtown to bring their visions to life.


Leapfrogtown continues to win the hearts of fans and critics alike. See what reviewers have to say about Leapfrogtown below.

"Fantastic! That's all I can say."
9/10, Phil England, Radio Mumbles
"It took just one listen to have us all hooked."
The Sunday Experience
"A glorious shiver runs down your spine..."
8/10, RAW RAMP
"Dreaming in Public sounds as brilliantly deranged as the concept behind it."
8/10, Tasty Fanzine
"...puts you in mind of some of the great, quirky art bands past and present."
8/10, Guitars Magazine
"Leapfrogtown are truly one of the brightest sparks in the current bonfire of UK pop "
Is This Music? Magazine

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LFT - Dreaming In Public Cover artwork

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